Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Mojo is Back!!

I have to say that the past few months have been quite difficult and this has stifled my inspiration a great deal. Since we were told about the site closure at work at the end of March there has been so much uncertainty, not only around the job, but also about Nick and my wedding. We were committed to paying for certain things so we've had to do some serious rethinking about other stuff we wanted!!
This had a knock on effect on the jewellery making, which got so bad at one point that I was terriffied of going in the workshop (back of the shed) because everything went wrong when I did! Luckily the mojo has started to come back and I've made a few things in the last couple of weeks without messing them up. I've even managed to take photos and will be adding these to my website tomorrow.

Polymer clay is a new thing for me and I keep practicing the swirly lentils but can't always get them consistent so I'm really pleased with this one. Red is not normally my colour either, but I think this has really worked. As for the silver and gold bracelet, this is where I'm more comfortable, but I like building in a challenge so the clasp is my first try at a box clasp and just to make it extra tricky, it's a cylinder as well. Again really please with the outcome. I'll have some more to add in a couple of days.
I've also added to the blog links to my two favourite forums. The UK Beaders quenches my need for all things beady (as well as other media). Girls being girls, I've been on other beady forums and found them to get quite caustic at times, but I can honestly say that I have never seen a truly cross word on here. There are girls and guys from all walks of life, beginners and the unbelievably talented such as Emma Ralph and my favourite critter creator Emma Green . I've learnt so much from here and have hopefully been able to help others. In addition KitschKitty
runs the main UK Beaders website which has a huge suppliers list.
The Craft Forum covers all crafts and is again a really friendly place. It helps give a general perspective on us (soon to be) struggling artistes and broadens my world past jewellery. I expect that I'll be on these more and more in the next few months.
Wow! Looks like the gift of the gab has come back too! I'll shut up now!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Er.... Welcome!!

Well this is the first post so I guess I'll say hello to those that find it.
As my profile says, my name is Nettie and I make jewellery, which, by the end of September is going to be my living. When I say jewellery I mean both silver metalwork and beadwork (did you guess from the title?) and making stuff has become more and more of an obsession over the past few years. It was always my dream to do this full time as, to sound a bit cheesey, I'm really not happy unless I'm doing something creative. Having said that, life has always gotten in the way until now and in an eventful year, I've got engaged, been made redundant and hopefully started a successful business. How's that for a kick up the bum?

So anyway, hello to everyone. I hope I have something interesting to say over the coming months, years etc and should you be interested, here's my website where you can see some of the stuf I have made.