Tuesday, 16 September 2008

How Time Flies!!!!!

In more ways than one! I've been meaning to post something for days, but keep running out of time. It's only 8 days and counting until I finish work and I've been running around trying to get all the things done to get my "new venture" up and running. Although I registered with the tax people last year, the tax implications weren't as great whilst I was still fulled employed.

In addition to this there's all the promotional stuff to make, improvements to my stall display, packaging to order, oh yeah, and jewellery to make so all of the other stuff is worthwhile. I've loads of ideas in my head, but they need a full day to work on them so they will have to wait just a little bit longer.

Just to be kept busy, we are also going to 40th Birthday do this weekend. Our friend Fran is having and End of Summer ball to celebrate and we are all supposed to wear our summer frocks and floral shirts and shorts. Being a jeans kinda girl, I'm seriously thinking about invoking the British tradition of dressing to suit the weather. Given the last three months, I think that will be wellies and raincoats though.

I'll tell you all about it when we're back and hopefully have some pictures to back up the floral shirt claims.


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Time Out!!!!!

Not for me as such but the OH really needed a break, so we decided to go camping over the Bank Holiday weekend. We didn't want to go far so ended up 40 or so mins from home at a place called Upper Morgay Wood campsite just outside Hastings. This is a fairly small campsite where you are allowed to have fires (although they were a bit smoky as it was so wet!)

It's pretty darned relaxed here and the owners pretty much let you get on with it. There are chickens roaming free and their eggs are for sale and although we didn't know it when we arrived there is also a donkey.

Donkey was making an awful lot of noise on the saturday night, kind of annoying and hilarious at the same time. We found out why on the monday when we found this little fella in the field next to the toilet block. He can't be much more than a couple of days old.

To be honest we didn't do much at all, late breakfasts, afternoon visits to the pub and evenings stoking the fire and drinking wine, were the main activites. On monday we also went to Bodium Castle. Although this is mainly in ruins, there are some intact sections which are very well presented and you can get an idea of medievel living. (especially the bathroom facilities!) I think the best bit for OH was listening to the bats that were living in one of the gatehouse rooms.

OH really relaxed (til the phone started again on Tuesday) and I came away with loads more ideas.........