Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Every 9 Months??????

Again, I seem to have lapsed in my blog writing.......

Well in the last 9 months, my jewellery making has gone from strength to strength. The equipment available to me at Laura C has allowed me to make much finer work and I have been working on very delicate designs such as the Heartbreaker set.

I have also started experimenting with enamelling, and although it's still in the early stages I'm quite pleased with the results so far, especially on silver as it gives a lovely shimmering result.

The other really big thing to happen was that we finally took our honeymoon, in New Zealand. The place is amazing, with an Oh Wow view round every corner. I was really inspired by the colours, shapes and textures of the place and now have sooooo many ideas floating around my head. For now I've had to content myself with make some necklaces from the bead mixes I bought in St Beads in beautiful, Art Deco Napier on the North Island.

Back in Blighty we missed all the snow (boooo) but being back on Greenwich Market each Friday has more than made up my cold quota!! I'm now offering a repair and restringing service, so don't just let your favourite necklace rot away in a draw just because it broke.